Our suppliers :


Zignone guarantees the highest quality fabrics by overseeing every step of the process in Italy. For nearly fifty years they have continued the tradition of spinning wool paying tribute to the culture of Biella, interpreting the evolution of lifestyles in the world.

Recyclable, reusable and biodegradable. Zignone selects its own wool from merino sheep in Australia and New Zealand, countries of wool excellence where the fineness of the fibers makes it possible to obtain softer and lighter fabrics. Managers personally inspect the farms to ensure the traceability of raw materials and the condition of the herds.
The wool spinning mill is a partner of the Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute, which works to verify and defend noble fibers (cashmere, mohair, alpaca) and fine or superfine wool (through the Superfine Wool Council).

Sophie Hallette

A living international reference in the art of lace, the history of the Sophie Hallette house is woven with the complicity of figures of 20th century haute couture as well as young couturiers and contemporary designers. For more than 130 years, Sophie Hallette has been creating incomparable lace with stubborn passion.

Chanel has integrated this house of art into its fold. The laces are certified French and are produced in an eco-responsible approach.


Nona-Source is an online resale platform founded by LVHM that upcycles unsold fabrics and leathers from the most exclusive French Couture Houses allowing designers easy access to high quality materials while encouraging the creative reuse of existing resources. .