Each piece is made to order in our workshops in Paris.

The silks and leathers are mainly sourced from unsold items from luxury houses, the wool comes from Zignone and the lace from Sophie Halette .

Mathilda Moos is committed to preserving the craftsmanship that elevates the pieces to the rank of rare and precious luxury.

The garments made in our workshops are characterized by a very thorough sense of detail, at all stages of design and manufacture.

Our workshops have this rare know-how specific to the production of fuzzy and structured clothing. The materials worked are extremely fine and fragile. They require a particular hand and a sharp technical mastery (handkerchief hems, hand finishes, drones, etc.).

Each piece is studied in detail before being produced. The silk is left to rest for two days before being cut so as not to deform, the lace is handled with extreme delicacy.

Each covered button is sewn by hand, each flange is placed with the utmost precision.
All these details and luxury accessories give a very particular elegance and delicacy to all our garments.
We are therefore able to make garments of great complexity such as evening dresses as well as more structured pieces such as suits.

We are proud to participate in the influence of French know-how.

Mathilda Moos wants to give women back the taste of a unique garment that lasts and accompanies her wardrobe for a long time.