A particular desire? Here you are the muse!

Irreverence is also played out in its singularity, which is why Mathilda Moos offers you a tailor-made service to meet your desires.
Turning your wishes into orders, from design to manufacture, the creation of a singular and unique piece takes place in 5 stages.

1/ Making contact Via email, telephone, or physical appointment , we will determine together your needs, your budget as well as the deadline.

2/ The first date

During this exchange, your measurements are taken, we define the shape and the fabric in order to build a guideline and move towards a specific idea.

3/ Serious things:
The step of selecting the design, the final fabric and the finishes.

4/ She said yes
Your 1st canvas is ready, first fitting and touch-ups (if necessary). At the end of this meeting, if the canvas is validated, it will be sent to the workshop for the making of the finished model, if it is not validated, modifications will be made and a second fitting will be necessary.

5/ It's D-Day
The long-awaited moment to validate the final product, final touch-ups included if necessary before sending the product. Each of our pieces are handmade in our workshops in Paris.
The materials are French or Italian certified and end of stock from a luxury house, while the lace comes from Sophie Hallette . Once a model has been adapted to your measurements, it can be adapted according to your wishes.